Bocce Ball: How The Game Is Played

Bocce ball ranks among the most classic of all lawn or yard games. Most known in Italy, it is becoming popular in North America as it can be played by people of any age and on a wide variety of surfaces. Bocce is played by two players or two teams with up to four people each.

Bocce Objective

In Bocce, you should have as many of your bocce (bigger, heavier balls) as near as possible to the pallino (smaller target ball). If you are manage to get bocce closer to the pallino than your opponent, you get points.

Bocce Ball Playing Surfaces

You can play bocce ball on almost any surfaces, from bocce ball courts to yard to parks and even beach sand. There should be a large area where the game can be more challenging. A bocce ball court is around 76 feet long and 12 feet wide. With or without the court, the game however can be equally enjoyable. Read more about bocce at

Bocce Ball Scores

After all balls have been thrown, the players will check their distance from the Jack. Each team ball which is closer to the target ball than any of the opposing team's balls, scores a point. The total points on a game are set, usually 12, 15 or 21.

How To Play Bocce Ball with Beach or Backyard Rules

Players are split into two teams, each of which is composed of one, two or four players. For every dc bocce team, there will be four balls which are equally divided among the players. Who plays first is usually decided with a coin toss.

Beginning the game requires a player from one team standing behind the foul line - about 10 feet away from the court's throwing edge) - and throwing the pallino (the small ball) toward the other end of the playing surface or court. That same person will then throw one bocce ball, trying to get it as close to the pallino as he can, but making sure the two balls don't touch.

The other team then throws a ball, trying to get it closer to the pallino than the ball of the first team. If the second team gets closer, then it's the first team turn. If team two's ball ends up farther, they keep throwing until they come closer to the pallino, or until there are no balls left for them to throw. Then the first team will throw every bocce ball they have. The team that has the closest ball is awarded one point for every ball that is nearer the pallino than the opposite team's closest ball. If the closest balls of the two teams have equal distance from the pallino, no team gets a point.

End the frame the moment all balls have been thrown and the right points have been credited. The team that scores starts the next frame. If no team got a score, the team which threw the pallino last starts the next frame. Frames should be played as needed until a total score of 16 points is reached by either team. Visit to get a better understanding about the game.